Aims & Objective

To Promote or uplift the downtrodden and disadvantaged groups, deprived sections of society and women irrespective of caste, creed, color, religion or language in all aspects such as social, Cultural, health educational, economical and make them self dependent by alleviating poverty eradicating illiteracy. Developing the life style of target group with economical upliftment and finding a good social life according to a newly modernized society as well as making them think that all are equal in all spheres of life is the prime goal of organization.

To motivate and enlighten the common people through conducting of congruent awareness training programs and campaigns to be always with ideological inspiration and transformational roles according to a new social, economic and technological changes.

To impart the Secondary & Senior Secondary Education among the rural/urban area students who are unable to go for Secondary & Senior Secondary Education due to most back ward condition in economic aspects and make them fully qualified and equipped with wide knowledge of such education and prepared for the related job opportunity wherever possible and avoid the commercial education process.

To emphasize the economically and socially oppressed and depressed students without any discrimination of caste, color, religion or language with proper motivation and make them joined in the professional course as preferred by them.